Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thailand Tourism Festival 2008

Thailand Tourism Festival 2008

Thailand Tourism Festival 2008 aims to promote tourism in Thailand as well as to show the uniqueness of Thai arts, culture and tradition. The event consists of exhibitions, sales booths, activities and performances to reach out to every group of potential tourists.


Promoting the tourism industry in Thailand is an important mission for Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) especially that of encouraging Thai people to travel domestically.
TAT puts an emphasis on domestic projects in order to achieve the balance in tourism in two dimensions. First, the societal dimension focusing on preservation of the environment and culture in travel destinations. Second, the economic dimension focusing on distributing tourism industry income to other parts of the country and creating money supply within the country.
In order to achieve this goal, TAT organizes the Thailand Tourism Festival 2007, which is another project our organization has been intent on supporting. Its aim is to express the cultures and traditions of each region, stimulate domestic tourism and present the progress of Thai tourism industry in the forms of various travel activities which are scenic and attractive. In addition, the festival brings together quality tourism products and services, which would inspire visitors to travel to these travel destinations.

1. To show the unique culture and traditions of Thailand, to instill pride in the nation and to encourage tourism, a vital part of life and learning.
2. To show the potential of tourism in Thailand which is has always been progressing and has now reached an international standard.
3. To promote as well as increase tourist destinations in a larger circle, to reach both big and small cities. To encourage more money supply in the economic system and distribute income to every region.
4. To encourage the tourism industry to share their knowledge and create an understanding of the impact of tourism on Thailand, as well as to promote TAT’s campaigns and programs.

Target Groups
Every group of tourists, as well as government and private sectors.

Concept and Form of Event
This festival focuses on shows depicting Thai culture, traditions and uniqueness which demonstrate the progress of tourism in Thailand. This event includes products and services associated with tourism and also a variety of tourism activities such as Cultural and Community Life Tourism, Ecotourism, Adventure Tourism, Health Tourism and Tourism Along His Majesty The King’s Teachings. There is also a main stage for cultural performances from each region and from neighboring countries as well as exhibitions from the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s projects and associated government projects and an academic talk on tourism.

The venue is divided into:
1. Booths for tourism-related business owners and SMEs as well as government sectors and organizations associated to tourism. Products and services, travel agents, airlines, hotels, resorts, arts and crafts from everywhere in the country can also be found here as well.
2. TAT’s section for tourism activities

Cultural and Community Life Tourism divides its space into 3 parts:- “Culture and Lifestyle In The Golden Land” comprising of exhibitions and folk lifestyles on show.
- “A Thousand and One Things Thai” comprising of products from each community which reflects their culture and lifestyle.
- “Markets of the 4 Regions” is a mock-up of Thai markets and floating markets

Adventure Tourism: Adventurous activities in Thailand on show

Ecotourism: Demonstrations and activities to show that ecotourism can help reduce greenhouse gases and preserve nature comprising of:
- Mock-ups of ecotourism destinations such as forests, waterfalls and rivers with the use of technology and multimedia.
- Award-winning business owners’ environmental projects.

Health Tourism with activities such as:- Six Sense: Demonstrations of Thai massages in various styles
- Health Check-up: Offers check-up services from hospitals and modern treatments
- Wellness Package Promotion: Health tourism from the 4 regions

Products and Services: Demonstrations of products and services from award-winning communities

Crafts and Souvenirs: See and enjoy shopping for the best arts and crafts and also join in activities such as:
- Auction for award-winning crafts from all over Thailand
- An exhibition of the details of crafts and where they were made
- Crafts games and prizes

Tourism Seminar led by experienced speakers from TAT’s marketing division and famous lecturers with a variety of interesting topics.

Activities on the Main Stage - A spectacular cultural parade from every region every day throughout the event from 10 am to 9 pm such as dances from the College of Dramatic Arts in every
region (13 schools in all), dances from China,Vietnam, Myanmar, fashion shows and games
- Thai classical mask performances

Exhibitions on a variety of topics
- An exhibition of old photographs depicting the history of TAT and TAT in each campaign in the past
- “48 Best Travel Destinations in Thailand” Exhibition
- “Travel the Thai Way: Reduce Global Warming” Exhibition
- Screenings of Thai travel films from every province, all day every day throughout the event

Communication Technology for Tourism
- Using online media to promote tourism
- Encourage online community participation to develop tourism in Thailand

Time and Venue

5-8 June 2007, Challenger Hall, Impact, Muangthong Thani

Organization Responsible
North Eastern Region Division, Tourism Authority of Thailand

1. A money supply of more than 100 million baht in the festival.
2. A money supply of more than 150 million baht in the economic system, both directly and indirectly due to this festival.
3. At least 150,000 people participating at the festival
4. At least 250 business owners in Thailand, tourism-related businesses, clubs, associations and government organizations participating in the festival.